Paso Fino Horses are said by many to be the cadillac, or, as we
prefer, the BMW, of the horse world. Like a quality built sports
car, Pasos are naturally smooth gaited with spirit under saddle.
We cover ground quickly and comfortably fast or slow as we
wish. For easy care, Pasos usually have great feet ... we ride
without shoes everywhere!! And being a smaller horse they're a
snap to mount. No mounting blocks for us!
well gaited pleasure horses
not a broker or breeder
loving Paso Finos for over 20 years!!
We specialize in trail Paso Finos. Many people see signs that say caution show
horses or state we have show quality horses but what exactly does that mean?

Our horses have the mind, abiltity, education and experience to be dependable
quality trail partners. We use Johns Lyons, Pat Parelli  and Clinton Anderson
tools to teach our horses and develop a trusting relationship that facilitates
We are Paso Fino horse "help' specialists.  We are NOT a non-profit or a
rescue 'group'.  We take in Paso Fino horses that need help and are treated
with loving care.

Farriers, vets and concerned neighbors often point us to horses that have
been neglected or have 'training' problems and rehabilitate them through
care and trust. We've had all our horses for an extended period and all are
handled daily.