Singletree Ranch Paso Finos

The Residents

We like horses. And dogs. So we take care of them and in return, they take care of us.


This 28 year old grandpa is Dad’s Cadillac. We bought him from a friend of ours and he immediately became the horse that really made Dad happy. With push-button controls and a touchy throttle, this big black monster had a penchant for leading the pack and teaching the young guns how it’s done. He’s now our stable man, perfectly suited to teaching


Ol’ Reliable, our resident Houdini, is always up for an adventure. He’s been with us for 15 years and is one of our favorite rescues. Labeled an “unbreedable stallion”, he was perfect from the start, albeit just a tad “different”. With fancy footwork and a level head, this old man is one of our absolute favorites. What a stud!


Better known as Little Horse to all his friends, this handsome man was rescued from an impound lot. He was malnourished and underdeveloped and the Rodeo Clown had to have him. She brought him home and trained him into the wonderfully quirky, dependable, studly pony he is today. Endowed with the smoothest of gaits, he’s been our primary packmule, conquistador, cookie tester, bulldozer and everything in between.

Surely I Can Do This

A sweet chestnut mare who was in desperate need of some structure, Surely got her name from her sturdy, dependable attitude. Though she had never seen a halter or brushes, before we found her, Surely became more and more comfortable being loved. She’s climbed sheer rock faces in the Blue Ridge Mountains, crossed chest-deep waters in SC, and trekked across the foothills of the Appalachians.


FOR SALE! Zoom Zoom! You’ve got to check out the gears on this gentleman! His stupendously smooth gait is quick enough for any speed-demon’s taste without feeling uncontrollable. With a loving attitude and a taste of adventure, he needs someone to love him like he loves to explore! Take him out for a spin… We won’t tell….!!


FOR SALE! Shy young man with gorgeous hair and a sweet-as-honey attitude seeks new lover of trails. Experienced and willing, he is ready to be your favorite ride, no matter where you choose to take him. With his silky smooth gait, love of picnic lunches, and hair like this, who needs Fabio?!


FOR SALE! Tall gentleman enjoys the trail life. Though experienced with “big city show life”, he prefers the slower pace of country living with that special someone. With the right companion, he’s up for traveling and has already racked up some impressive passport stamps on mountains across the southeast.


FOR SALE! Feisty, young, and brimming with excitement, this beautiful girl is a bonafide pleasure to ride and loves a good adventure. Despite bear encounters and elk, she’s not scared of anything. Want a girl you can laugh, cry and take to any occasion? She’s your gal!


FOR SALE! Lovely Lady with fashion sense seeks beginner rider to teach. Capable, handy, and trustworthy, she is a catch for any young one just spreading their wings. Used to caring for children of all ages, she shuffles along smoothly, content in the lead or willing to follow- whichever you prefer.


FOR SALE! Dark and Handsome gelding seeks confident rider. Easy to handle, somewhat shy, but willing to take risks with someone by his side. Prefers monogamous relationship, and is willing to wait for the right companion. He’s very eager to please and his favorite food is cookies.


FOR SALE! Speedy, smooth gray gelding, is well-traveled and keen on adventures. He’s got the go-juice in his blood, but is calm enough for beginner and intermediate riders. Crosses water, clips, loads, bathes and is a general peach to be around. He enjoys camping and long walks on the beach.

Why We're So Crazy

We Like Our Pony Suits Just Fine, Thanks

Our beloved Paso Finos are high-powered pieces of well-trained machinery. We love every part of them from their highly-evolved, occasionally temperamental brains to their brio-filled personalities and because we prefer to ride horses instead of climb mountains, we truly appreciate their smaller stature. With push-button technology and seamless gear changes, these well-gaited beauties will last a heck of a lot longer than a new Corvette- and they're much more fun to drive. Our all-weather, all-terrain tires carry us through mud and rock, up mountains and down valleys. We perch ourselves on the sides of mountains and swim across sandy fords. There's only so many places you can see on bike, train, plane or car, so our ponies take us where other transportation can't. Besides, they enjoy the views just as much as we do. Although we're never quite sure where our adventures may take us, wherever we end up, we're on good hooves with our steady-eddie-ready-freddie Paso Fino mounts.

  • Compact and resilient, our Pasos are the perfect solution to a life of dreary, monotonous riding. We sprint (canter), we jog (corto), we walk (...walk). Sometimes, we talk- and that freaks everyone out.

  • Who needs 4-wheel drive? We have all terrain tires for feet and we're not afraid to use them! Up mountains, down valleys, across hill and dale- we've even been known to visit the cows next door (don't tell anyone).

  • We've got style for miles and we don't care who knows it! Our blended ancestry consisting of the fashion-forward Andalusian, the untiring Barb, and the medieval jennets gave us our whimisical beauty, our silky-smooth gait, and our unstoppable stamina. We come with accessories and fancy saddles, we love new bridles and adore all the saddle bags we can carry... just please promise you won't put those silver sparkled boots on us anymore!

  • Wait... there is no bounce. You must mean The Gait. With our 4-beat gait, we're smoother than Elvis's pink Caddy- and a sight prettier, too. Our seamless gear changes make it difficult for "outsiders" to see where our all-wheel-drive corto ends and our overdrive gear- the largo- begins. Don't worry- we'll show you how it's done. You can even sip champagne without spilling a drop while we do.

The Crew

You need rehab... The lot of you!

Jacqui Derrick

Pretty Pony Addict
Countess of smooth, connoisseur of gait, admirer of conformation- The lifeblood of the farm ensuring immediate compliance with all regulations, including a steady supply of bloody marys and fancy hats.

Ashley Ferguson

Rodeo Clown
Resident Adrenaline Junkie known for laughing in the face of danger and drinking wine from mason jars, she can usually be found zooming around on her horse or futilely chasing rogue ponies.

Bob Derrick

“The Patriarch” and Maintenance Man
10-year reigning champion of the all-star bobcat/backhoe rodeo, he’s consistently dreaming up inventive new ways to solve problems we didn’t know we had while disembowling machinery to determine its inner workings.

Michael Ferguson

Hunter Gatherer
Founding member of the Singletree Trap Team responsible for planting the seeds of interesting activities into the fertile minds of his hapless comrades, ensuring total domination of spare time and resulting in grandiose implementation while he sneaks off to go hunting.


Official Horse Motivator, Goat Herder, and Ring-Bearer
Believed to be a phenomenal goat herder- he’s not immensely successful at herding horses. He is, however, adept at bearing rings for weddings. In June 2016 we said a tearful goodby to our faithful herding partner. Though he’s no longer here to help us, he remains forever in our hearts.

Stickshift C. Derrick

Resident Hooligan and Chicken
Perfectly suited to starting fights and running away from danger, “Stick” is our youngest team member. He tries hard to please, but has no idea what he’s doing. The perfect manager, he knows what needs to be done, so immediately notifies his fellows so they can take care of the issue.


We like to do stuff. We're just bad about remembering to write about it.

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