Singletree Ranch

The Residents

We like horses. And dogs. So we take care of them and in return, they take care of us.

This 28 year old grandpa is Dad’s Cadillac. We bought him from a friend of ours and he immediately became the horse that really made Dad happy. With push-button controls and a touchy throttle, this big black monster had a penchant for leading the pack and teaching the young guns how it’s done. He’s now our stable man, perfectly suited to teaching


Ol’ Reliable, our resident Houdini, is always up for an adventure. He’s been withus for 15 years and is one of our favorite rescues. Labeled an “unbreedable stallion” on his way to who-knows-where, we bought him sight unseen. His fantastic gait earned his the nickname “Twinkle Toes”. Back in the early days, it took us everything we had to learn how he worked and what he liked. Auggie turns on a dime and if we weren’t ready when he took a corner, off we came… and there was no catching him. Over the years, Auggie has settled down tremendously and has become one of our favorite mounts. He’s our best training, trail-cutting, drag-riding, trail-blazing horse in a pony suit!


Better known as “Little Horse” was found as a 2 year old in a dry lot by the GA Equine Rescue League. He had been starved and dehydrated to the point where he had to be lifted and carried onto the trailer for relocating. With a lot of love and a little pocket money he recovered. Little Horse has been my best buddy from the moment we laid eyes on each other. A few years into our relationship, he started having petty mal seizures, not uncommon, evidently- so we had to relearn how to work together and have developed an even stronger bond. Little Horse loves showing off and blows everyone away with his wild moves and crazy speed. Everyone is impressed by the little white pony with the shotgun start and the sliding stop… and he knows it.

Surely I Can Do This

A sweet chestnut mare who was in desperate need of some structure, Surely got her name from Mr. Muscles himself, the Rodeo Clown’s husband. And boy has she lived up to her name! Surely was acquired from a farmyard liquidation sale along with 2 other 6 year olds who had never been touched. She had never seen a halter or brushes, had never felt a person’s hand on her body or legs. After 3 months in a stall, Surely became more and more comfortable with people, brushes, and leadropes. It took another few months to convince her that our farrier wasn’t trying to take her hooves off, but within 16 months of finding her, we were riding our Steady Surely on trails near the farm. She’s been unstoppable ever since and is always keen to lead. She’s climbed sheer rock faces in the Blue Ridge Mountains, crossed chest-deep waters in SC, and trekked across the foothills of the Appalachians.

Why We're So Crazy

We Like Our Pony Suits Just Fine, Thanks

Our horses are high-powered pieces of well-trained machinery. We love every part of them from their highly-evolved, occasionally temperamental brains to their brio-filled personalities and because we prefer to ride horses instead of climb mountains, we truly appreciate their smaller stature. With push-button technology and seamless gear changes, these beauties will last a heck of a lot longer than a new Corvette- and they're much more fun to drive. Our all-weather, all-terrain tires carry us through mud and rock, up mountains and down valleys. We perch ourselves on the sides of mountains and swim across sandy fords. There's only so many places you can see on bike, train, plane or car, so our ponies take us where other transportation can't. Besides, they enjoy the views just as much as we do. Although we're never quite sure where our adventures may take us, wherever we end up, we're on good hooves with our steady-eddie-ready-freddie mounts.

  • The Brain

    Compact and resilient, our pasos are the perfect solution to a life of dreary, monotonous riding. We sprint, we jog, we walk. Sometimes, we talk- and that freaks everyone out.

  • The Brawn

    Who needs 4-wheel drive? We have all terrain tires for feet and we're not afraid to use them! Up mountains, down alleys, across hill and dale- we've even been known to visit the cows next door (don't tell anyone).

  • The Beauty

    We've got style for miles and we don't care who knows it! We come with accessories and fancy saddles, we love new bridles and adore all the saddle bags we can carry... just please promise you won't put those silver sparkled boots on us anymore!

  • The Bounce

    Wait... there is no bounce. You must mean The Gait. With our 4-beat gait, we're smoother than Elvis's pink Caddy- and a sight prettier, too.

The Crew

You need rehab... The lot of you!
Jacqui Derrick
Pretty Pony Addict
Ashley Derrick
Rodeo Clown
Bob Derrick
Maintenance Man
Horse Motivator and Goat Herder
An excellent motivator of horses, he’s also a phenomenal goat herder. At least we think he is- he’s definitely not great at herding horses.


We like to do stuff. We're just bad about remembering to write about it.

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